Traitement des gencives (parodontologie)

Diş Eti Tedavisi (Periodontoloji)

Gum treatment (Periodontology) is the science that deals with the health of the tissues surrounding the teeth. The tissues surrounding the teeth consist of both hard and soft tissues. While the tooth surface and bone form the hard tissues, the gums also form the soft tissue. Periodontal health, which means the health of the supporting tissues and gums surrounding the teeth, is an important part of oral and dental health, and oral and dental health is an integral part of general body health.

The healthy integrity of the teeth and surrounding tissues depends on keeping the oral hygiene at the highest level. For this, the teeth and their surroundings must be cleaned of microbial plaque, which is the main cause of dental caries and gingival diseases. Tooth brushing is the most effective method applied for this purpose. According to the data of the World Health Organization, the most common disease in the world is gingivitis, that is, gingivitis. Priodontology, which deals with this disease, which is a common health problem in our country, offers both preventive medicine and curative Periodontology treatment services.

Periodontology treatment includes both surgical and non-surgical treatments. The long-term and healthy continuation of all kinds of treatments and applications performed in the mouth is strictly dependent on the observance of the basic principles of Periodontology. Having healthy teeth alone is never enough. If the teeth and gums as a whole and the surrounding supporting tissues are healthy, everything is in balance. Even though the teeth are free of caries, the surrounding tissues and gingival health, that is, the periodontal condition is not good, many tooth loss can be seen. No matter how high-tech, expensive, aesthetic prostheses and appliances are made in the mouth, it is doomed to fail in the end if its compatibility with the gums is not good. Even a simple filling must be compatible with the gums. As a result of periodontally incompatible restorations applied to patients, gingival problems and infections develop that did not exist before. For this reason, many incompatible restorations have to be replaced each year and are thrown away. This saves time, money and effort. The healthiest way to prevent this is to not apply any restoration to periodontally unhealthy tissues.

Before any restoration to be made in the mouth, maximum attention and care should be taken to ensure periodontal health. Periodontology treatment is not just about preventing and eliminating diseases. It also deals with the preparation of hard and soft tissues around the teeth before prosthetic applications. For this purpose, plastic surgery procedures are applied. Over-appearing gingival levels are corrected, color harmony is organized, crown lengthening processes are performed to increase the retention of crown bridge restorations, exposed root surfaces can be closed with various plastic surgery procedures, congenital anomalies can be corrected, and a harmonious soft tissue support and transition can be provided in aesthetic dentistry applications. These processes are extremely sensitive, sometimes requiring working under the lens and sometimes with a microscope. In addition to these procedures performed by periodontology specialists, implant surgery, the creation of the infrastructure of implant-supported prostheses, plastic surgery procedures, the implementation of preventive measures for the healthy use of implants for a long time, the necessary interventions to eliminate infections around the implant, the application of bone grafts, the application of regenerative treatments. It enters the field of application of periodontology.

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