The purpose of our clinic is to protect and treat the oral and dental health of our patients. With our expert dentist staff and state-of-the-art devices, we aim to find solutions to all of our patients' oral and dental health problems, and to ensure that every patient comes out of our clinic smiling with happy and healthy teeth, with the oral and dental health service we offer at international standards.

Since 1996, we have been providing our patients with all necessary applications and treatments in the field of dentistry with our expert staff, accompanied by our principles of transparency and honesty. We prioritize the health and satisfaction of our patients by creating a safe and peaceful treatment process with our trained and professional doctors.

In our clinic, implant treatment, root canal treatment, gum treatment, teeth whitening, aesthetic dentistry, smile design, oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery, pedodontics (pediatric dentistry), orthodontics, prosthetic teeth treatments are applied.

In Denizli, in addition to oral and dental health treatments with our state-of-the-art devices, we also have studies for the protection of oral and dental health. As Private İNCE SMİLE Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which aims to provide economic and quality service, we perform treatment practices without discrimination of religion, language or race.

Oral and dental hygiene should be given importance. Adequate oral hygiene of the individual greatly protects the teeth and mouth. As the İNCE SMİLE family, we emphasize the importance of oral hygiene in addition to treatment and preventive practices and provide necessary training in this regard.

As İNCE SMİLE family, we continue to improve ourselves day by day in order to provide healthier services with our expert staff and friendly staff.

Our Contracted Institutions

Denizli Center

  • Address: Altintop, 1601. Sk. no:8, 20010 Merkezefendi/Denizli
  • Phone: +90 258 261 10 30
  • Phone: +90 555 964 86 36
  • Mail: denizli@incesmile.com

Acipayam Branch

  • Address: Asagi Mah. 191 Sok No:3/A, 20800 Acipayam/Denizli
  • Phone: +90 258 518 50 80
  • Phone: +90 530 237 67 62
  • Mail: acipayam@incesmile.com

Istanbul Branch

  • Address: Sehremini Mah. Ahmet Vefik Pasa Cd. No:29A Fatih/Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 530 255 15 14
  • Mail: istanbul@incesmile.com

DEN: 0555 964 86 36 ACP: 0530 237 67 62 İST: 0530 255 15 14