Lamina (Leaf Porcelain)

Lamina(Yaprak Porselen)

What is porcelain laminate?
It is made by abrading the front surfaces of the teeth and porcelain lamina is adhered. Thus, the loss of healthy tooth tissue is minimized.

When can I have porcelain laminate?
Porcelain lamina can be used for cases such as discoloration, teeth with deformities, old filling restorations, for which bleaching does not work. If you have habits that will damage the lamina such as nail biting, pencil biting, or if you are experiencing severe gum recession, the lamina is not applied until the problems are resolved.

How many sessions should I come for porcelain laminate?
Unless an additional treatment is required, it is completed in 2-3 sessions. This will take you about 1 week.

What kind of process will I go through for porcelain laminate?
First of all, your teeth are measured and a study is made accordingly. In the second session, the teeth are abraded and re-measured. In the last session, the laminates are adhered to your teeth.

Do porcelain laminate teeth fall out, how long is it used?
With an expert application, you can use it for many years without falling. All hard blows that can also damage your tooth enamel will of course also damage your lamina. You must protect these floating teeth as you would your own teeth.
What advantages does porcelain laminate provide?
There is not much loss of healthy tooth tissue.
It is aesthetic and durable.
You can see the result of the treatment as a demo.
Cigarettes, coffee, tea etc. It does not change color for any reason.
It is wear resistant.

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