20 Years Teeth

20 Yaş Dişleri

What is a twenty year old female?
Wisdom teeth are the third molars on both sides at the back of our teeth. Since wisdom teeth are the last teeth to complete their development in the mouth, they usually erupt between the ages of 16-20, therefore they are referred to as wisdom teeth. These teeth often remain embedded in the jawbone or gum tissue for reasons such as insufficient space in the jaw or bone density. Impacted teeth cause many discomforts, especially swelling and pain.

Should every wisdom tooth be extracted?
However, not every wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. Wisdom teeth that have completed their development in the mouth, are easily cleaned and do not have any caries do not need to be extracted.

When should a wisdom tooth be extracted?
If twenty-year-old female;
is in a position that cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush or floss,
if there is a bruise on them that cannot be treated
or cause discomfort to the cheek and tongue and cause harm to the patient
withdrawals are beneficial.
If the wisdom tooth is partially erupted or crooked, it can cause pain, crowding or discomfort. In addition, since they cannot be cleaned easily, they are more open to decay and cause unwanted odors in the mouth. Wisdom teeth, which have never erupted by staying in the bone as they are, may rest on the roots of the second molars located adjacent to them. Over time, this may cause damage to the other tooth and even formations such as cysts around it. In such cases, it may be necessary to extract the teeth without any infection, even if it does not cause any discomfort, it should be examined by the dentist and kept under control, and if necessary, it should be extracted. Extraction of crooked or impacted wisdom teeth will protect you from situations that may adversely affect your oral health or closure in the future.

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